Here's a video of my interview with Dustin as he talks about how roses grow in our country.

I believe that our country still deserves tourists and investors. We are not wealthy by tourist attractions alone but also by natural resources like roses. And there's a lot more that tourists and investors can enjoy here and make money with.

One good thing about us Filipinos, our culture is not bound by time, we do give flowers to our loved ones whatever the occasion is, specifically roses. And according to Island Rose CEO Dustin Andaya, roses symbolizes affection. That is why he is committed to ensure the technological breakthrough to make it possible for these lovely roses to grow in our country.

Over two million of the world famous European roses grow in the Philippines every year.
And our country has the most advanced greenhouse flower farm located in Tagaytay.

And here are some rose care tips shared by Dustin:
Island Roses are synonymous to quality but even the best roses need special care when outside its natural habitat. We suggest the following tips to fully enjoy your flowers.

1. Keep roses cool before and after arranging.
2. Remove any leaves that might be submerged under water to prevent decay and water poisoning.
3. Cut the roses right above the floral tubes. The floral tubes are designed so that water continuously flows through the stem even while cutting. This prevents air bubbles from seeping in the stem and blocking off air supply.
4. Use a clean deep container or vase with regular tap water. Add floral preservatives if available.
5. Display in a cool area away from drafts and direct sunlight.
6. If a rose should wilt, remove them from the bunch and submerge the entire rose in warm water. It should revive within two hours.
7. Remove any sick or wilted flowers from the bunch.
Proper care of roses can double or even triple their life. According to Roses Incorporated the association of international rose growers where PCFC has been a long time member, the most important thing to remember is that roses are always very thirsty.

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