I am not gamer but I am interested in playing Dragonica.
In fact Jason Thomas sarcastically asked me " Gamer ka ba ? " I said I'm not, don't worry I will leave na. "
I remember my gamer friend Vince Nunez told me that he plays Dragonica because it has sexy characters, Vince is a fan of hentai and he likes sexy dolls, but he said they are different.
Dragonica is more on a role playing that can move 8 ways, it's like streetfighter.
But wait here's something great from Dragonica.

Play in the Dragonica OBT and get a chance to win a brand new PC!

Dragonica, the hottest casual MMORPG in the country today, has started its Open Beta Testing (OBT) phase today!

To celebrate this truly exciting game phase, we are launching the Dragonica Grand OBT Raffle where you can get a chance to win a brand new PC! This will run from August 24, 2010 to September 11, 2010!

Joining is easy! Check the mechanics below!

· All Characters who reached Level 35 from September 3 to September 9 will qualify for the raffle

· A single account can earn up to four raffle entries (Max) provided all four characters in their account reached level 35

· All Dragonica PH accounts are eligible to join this raffle

· Players should make sure that the account details and information are correct before they join this raffle. (Ex: Name, Mobile number, Address, Etc…)

· Players with false or bogus account information cannot qualify for this raffle.

· Winners should provide two government issued IDs when claiming their prizes. Account details should also match the claimer’s ID information

So what are you waiting for! Play in the Dragonica OBT now!

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