What is Dragonica ?

  • touted as today's hottest casual MMORPG ( massively multiplayer online role playing game )
  • developed by Barunson Interactive of Korea and published in Southeast Asia by Singapore-based Infocomm Asia Holdings Pte Ltd ( IAHGames ).

What are Dragonica's unique game features ?
  • Dragonica's game play is fun , intuitive and won't be a hindrance even for first-time MMOG players.
  • For advanced players, Dragonica also has a combo system wherein players can chain attacks along with special skills to deliver added damage against your opponents. 
  • No matter which level you are in , Dragonica has something to keep gamers playing. 
What are Dragonica's new features for the commercial launch ?
  • Lavalon Map with unique environs and new monsters and mobs to slay
  • Level Cap increased to 45
  • New Cash items in the Big Wheel
  • No more character wipes !
When was Dragonica first launched ?

  • It was first published in Korea and China in 2007 
Where is it currently available ? How is the performance of Dragonica in those countries ?
  • Dragonica is being played by hundreds of thousands of players from Korea, China, Taiwan, Russia, U.S.A., Europe and Southeast Asia.
  • Nominated as " The most anticipated game " by Gamespot Korea after the GStar 2007 convention, Dragonica is still gathering rave reviews from all over the world for it's innovations 


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