New business models possible for mobile broadband

· Telkomsel turns to Ericsson for cost-efficient data traffic management solution
· Better service offerings available to more than 86 million Indonesians, based on their network use and needs
· Operator can handle traffic more efficiently, ensuring users get the services they pay for, even during network peak hours

With more than 5 billion mobile subscriptions globally and traffic growth skyrocketing, there is a critical need for operators to prioritize traffic in the network and differentiate between subscribers so that each user gets the speed, access and quality they are paying for. Now Indonesia's leading operator Telkomsel has taken action by being the first to introduce a new Dynamic End-to-End Policy Control solution enabling service differentiation for their 86 million subscribers. The solution will be delivered by Ericsson (NASDAQ:ERIC).

Telkomsel's efficient utilization of radio and transport networks will be enhanced through deployment of the policy control solution. Ericsson's data traffic management solution design is based on the principles of supply and demand where available capacity is shared according to subscribers' different policy agreements. Data traffic is prioritized so that higher-paying subscribers get access, high speed and quality even during network peak hours, while other users receive different priority.

Sarwoto Atmosutarno, President Director of Telkomsel, says: "As traffic is growing with more capacity-demanding services and higher download speeds, we must adjust to our users' different expectations and needs. With our new solution, subscribers will be able to choose a pricing option that best suits their individual needs, depending on what services or applications they're using and how much they're willing to pay."

Johan Wibergh, head of Ericsson's Business Unit Networks, says: "The competition is intensifying, and operators need to ensure that users get the quality of service that they expect and are willing to pay for. By customizing the pricing plan for each specific user segment, Telkomsel will improve their operations and business, and most likely attract even more subscribers."

Ericsson is the supplier and prime system integrator of the complete Dynamic End-to-End Policy Control solution, which is verified for a multi-vendor core and radio network environment. Ericsson's Dynamic End-to-End Policy Control solution is compliant with the 3GPP standard and allows for a smooth migration to the next generation of mobile broadband, based on LTE technology.

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