What do you consider when it comes to the resolution of LCD monitor?
How important for you it's graphic quality?
What do you think Studio 23’s Aaron Atayde want in his ideal LCD monitor?
What do Multimedia Paolo Ferrer needs ?
What do photographer Mitch Mauricio considers when it comes to color quality?

Opening a Whole New World of Colors Right at your Desktop

With the rapid evolution of graphic quality, not just any monitor will do. Photo editing, video post-production, digital illustration, graphic design, serious gaming, or that efficient mix of business and leisure—all of these demand high graphic quality and exceptional performance from your monitor. Settling for cheap, unreliable monitors will render the impressive features of your computer virtually useless: your digital activities seriously hampered by the disappointing performance of your monitor.

That’s why both professionals and serious home users turn to Samsung Premium Monitors, like the impressive PX2370—a remarkable piece of equipment with an extraordinary 23-inch wide LCD monitor with LED backlighting. The PX2370 is only one of the new exciting monitor releases from Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., but it’s definitely the choice of these our professionals from varied fields.

“I had a 28-inch LCD monitor that seemed so promising when I bought it,” Aaron Atayde, host of Studio 23’s tech program Quick-E, shares. “But it was horrible! Colors were bleeding onto one another, there were many dead spots, and it overheats.”

The “hyper-real” quality his TV-turned-monitor had been disconcerting for Paolo Ferrer, Associate Editor for Multimedia of a major network and member of the emerging artist collective WeeWillDoodle. “While that hyper-real quality is good for photos, it’s not so good when it comes to things you need to do for work,” he says.

Perfect for Aaron and Paolo’s demands for the best graphic quality is the Samsung PX2370—an ultra-slim monitor with breakthrough picture quality, which ensures that your dark and light colors will never bleed into other hues and never compromised. With a mega dynamic contrast ratio of 5,000,000:1, the PX2370 produces more detail than your ordinary monitor. And partnered with a response time of only two milliseconds, images are clearer and more vivid; definitely a joy to use in Photoshop, Illustrator, video-editing software, games, and other graphic-heavy applications.

For photographer Mitch Mauricio, color quality is very important as she needs her monitor to reproduce the exact hues she shot with her camera. “I need the colors to be very close to what I captured with my camera and also, what’s on the monitor should be very close to the print-outs,” she said. The PX2370 is an LED-backlit monitor with 100% sRGB Color Reproduction that matches the colors as closely as possible from the source. Whether you’re viewing videos from an HD camcorder or photos from a digital camera, the sRGB support makes sure that the colors look as natural in the monitor as it did when you pushed record or clicked the shutter.

The impressive 23-inch wide screen is vital to stylist-photographer Ton Lao, who is looking for the perfect monitor to hook up to his MacBook Pro. “With a bigger screen, I can edit photos better and it’s quite useful when presenting pegs to my clients,” says Ton, who styles for celebrities including Piolo Pascual, Sam Milby, Rayver Cruz, and Richard Gutierrez. Aside from an impressive screen size, the PX2370 is bound to make a stylish impression in your office and home with its 16.5 mm profile and the elegant charcoal-gray finish that can fit in just about any space.

The Samsung PX2370 monitor also has a 1920x1080 Full HD resolution that yield the sharpest images every time. Equipped with the MagicEco feature, the PX2370 saves you a lot on energy and electric bills by allowing you to work with 100%, 75%, or 50% brightness. There’s also the MagicLux feature, which measures ambient light and has settings which can automatically adjust your screen to optimum brightness—basically an intensity sensor designed to reduce eyestrain.

Push the limits and revolutionize your personal computing experience with the sleek and elegant Samsung PX2370 and open up a new world of vibrant colors, spectacular details, and dynamic contrast right at your desktop.


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