My honey told me that Reaf Leaf Green Tea drink is a Coca Cola product,
I just learned this today. This drink gives the revitalized experience with the taste of honey flavored tea. Aside from the taste of natural green tea leaves, it also gives the taste of natural honey.

Real Leaf Green Tea comes in different flavors namely:
  • honey apple
  • honey lemon
  • honey lychee
Aside from it comes in different flavors, Real Leaf Green Tea sets a real deal for reviving our mind and soul, giving us a relaxing feeling.

The combination of green tea’s theanine (an amino acid found in green tea) and honey’s sweetness enables the drink to boost your focus and alertness.

This is not your ordinary green tea drink because it follows world-class production standards plus their tea came from the green tea capital, Zhejiang region of China. And since Real Leaf Green Tea has natural honey it can be your substitute for sugar in drinks and foods.

Try this unique fresh drink through their new campaign:
“Deliciously reviving Real Leaf Green Tea. Real Tea. Real Honey. What's your green tea could be.”

Convincing right? Common let's try this NOW !

Would you settle for your usual tea drink when there’s Real Leaf Green Tea?

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