One of the top reasons why people use the internet is entertainment. And gaming is a form of entertainment which a lot of people considers a very relaxing hobby. A few years ago yugatech posted the Top 10 Massively Multiplayer Online Worlds. According to GigaOm, World of Warcraft holds the record in their Top 10 Most Popular MMOs. The complete list includes the following:

1. World of Warcraft – 8.5 million subscribers (released 2004)
2. Habbo Hotel – 7.5 million active users (released 2000)
3. RuneScape – 5 million active users (released 2001)
4. Club Penguin – 4 million active users (released 2006)
5. Webkinz – 3.8 million active users (released 2005)
6. Gaia Online – 2 million active users (released 2003)
7. Guild Wars – 2 million active users (released 2005)
8. Puzzle Pirates – 1.5 million active users (released 2003)
9. Lineage I/II – 1 million subscribers (released 1998)
10. Second Life – 500,000 active users (released 2003)

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