Canon Marketing (Philippines), Inc. is a multi-billion peso imaging company with one of the most extensive product lines of input and output devices. Aside from being multi-billion peso imaging company Canon is also an advocate for Mother Earth. This company don't just manufacture products to earn but to care for the environment as well.

Citizens of GreenNation set out for a greener world

Canon invites everyone to become the catalyst the world needs to be a greener place by supporting the Canon GreenNation campaign.

Canon is widely known as a lifestyle imaging brand. It produces some of the best cameras and printers in the market. But did you know that purchasing a Canon product is like giving nature a helping hand? That’s because Canon constantly influences people to go green through its advocacies and events.

Here in the Philippines, Canon Marketing Philippines Inc. (CMPI) has launched Canon GreenNation wherein Canon reaches out to every green-loving owner of PIXMA or Selphy printers to drop their empty cartridges for recycling.

It doesn’t take much to be a citizen of Canon GreenNation, just the willingness to cooperate and a smile that says it’s fun to save mother Earth. Even the lovely winners of Miss Earth—Ms. Philippines-Earth Kris Psyche Resus; Ms. Philippines-Water Emerie Dale Cunanan; Ms. Philippines-Air Rene Rosario McHugh; and Ms. Philippines-Ecotourism Angela Fernando—are proud citizens of GreenNation. As ambassadors of the environment, Ms. Earth Foundation, Inc. constantly pursues partners in their advocacy of resuscitating Mother Earth and undoing human damage to the environment.

It’s the small efforts that add up. Like Canon’s actions towards a greener world, you too can take part and become a citizen of Canon’s GreenNation. And with events like photography workshops, major sale events, lectures, and other fun activities, Canon also knows how to keep it fun for its citizens.

So keep in mind that it’s cool to have a Canon, but even cooler and greener to be part of Canon GreenNation. To be citizens of GreenNation, you can log on to http://www.canon.com.ph/section/environmental/

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