ASUS SonicMaster Composes New Notebook Audio Standard

Co-development featuring input from Bang & Olufsen ICEpower® has ASUS
delivering new notebooks to meet the needs of discerning consumers with the most
advanced multimedia ever offered on portable PCs.

Contemporary users utilize diverse applications, from precision productivity to high definition
entertainment and gaming. Expectations run high and traditionally compromised notebook
audio performance simply doesn’t suffice—this resulted in development of the N Series
from ASUS, once again revolutionizing the multi-role nature of notebooks with professional
multimedia and hardware.

Mastering Audio

Superlative sound performance demonstrates N Series leadership. Realizing that people
spend a third of their day interacting with multimedia devices, and that at the same time
notebooks have traditionally fallen short in audio, ASUS decided to focus on developing
natural, impactful sound with the N Series. The result is SonicMaster, a new standard in
notebook audio, offering the best ever sonic performance on portable PCs.
SonicMaster gains from the expertise of both the audio professionals at the ASUS Golden
Ear Team and the respected experience garnered by Bang & Olufsen ICEpower®. It’s not
a one-off, nor a gimmick, presenting a new professional audio certification program, with
SonicMaster-compliant notebooks guaranteeing consumers breathtaking sound. It consists of
larger speaker chambers and stronger amplifiers to render unmatched fidelity, in addition to
extensive software equalization for wide range reproduction and full-liveness vocals, where
previous notebooks settled for tinny output.

The ASUS N Series debuts SonicMaster excellence.

Six Degrees of Leadership

SonicMaster revamps notebook sound by addressing issues that have persisted in portable
PCs for years. It delivers crystal clear sound, where every nuance comes across fully. Bass
performance equals that of dedicated audio systems.
Engineers have ensured SonicMaster’s frequency range contributes to the liveness of sound.
With reproduction 100% faithful to sources, listeners never feel shortchanged with half-
hearted audio. This stems from the overall power upgrade SonicMaster represents. Not only
are speakers and resonance chambers bigger, the amplifier gets higher voltage than normal
in notebooks, allowing it to create impactful sound. This has also proved critical in vocals.
While historically listening to songs on a notebook PC meant muddy voice, SonicMaster
elevates this aspect to the level of a live show, culminating in lifelike surround for music,
gaming, movies and voice chat.

Comprehensive Power

N Series notebooks go beyond revolutionizing sound performance. They present complete
hardware innovation. All new Intel Core processors deliver smooth computing, while superfast
USB 3.0 allows users to manage large multimedia libraries. The experience revolves around
fast, productive technology to enable enjoyment and creativity.
Exclusive ASUS Super Hybrid Engine streamlines the ample power of
notebooks, optimizing performance for every task while minimizing energy wastage.

Image Perfection

The 100% zero-dot-guaranteed LED screens that ship with the new N Series make the most
of ASUS Video Magic image enhancement. This unique tool upscales DVD playback up to
full HD. It also supervises GPU computing for greater output during intense multitasking, and
works together with ASUS Splendid HD to balance color, brightness and contrast for constant
viewing pleasure.

New ASUS N Series multimedia notebooks with SonicMaster and an array of innovative
technologies are available in the ASUS N61Jv and ASUS NX90. The N61Jv is available in the
Philippines for Php55,900.

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