Aside from radio and television , Internet has been the greatest media evolution. Remember those days when your grandpa wakes in the morning, grabs his coffee, unfolds the newspaper to read and at the same time eats breakfast, or he listens to the radio morning news. But those were the days , now that we have internet already, your grandparents or even your parents would prefer to get the latest news from the internet instead. Because internet provides news, file sharing , social networking and e-commerce sites. And speaking of those sites, they all have a common factor - they all use VPS Hosting. To give you an idea what VPS Hosting is all about, hosting is the disk space a site is consuming in the world wide web. There are 3 types of hosting: shared, VPS and dedicated hosting. Here's to give you an idea what are the difference between them

Shared – Shared resources: RAM, Disk Space, CPU

VPS – Dedicated RAM & Disk Space, Shared CPU

Dedicated – Your machine and only your machine

From the idea of networking the idea of the internet started and after three decades
web hosting services came in. Majority sites choosed VPS hosting among the three types.Why? What does VPS have/offer that shared hosting doesn't ?

Server level customization (just like on a dedicated)

Burstable memory – reserve resources, a la cloud computing/hosting – resources available when needed, idle or in use by another when not needed. Good for unexpected traffic spikes (the Digg effect).

Scalability – Can start small (1 site, no databases, etc) and grow (many sites, large Dbs, e-commerce, etc) without changing machines/upgrading.

With so many advantage VPS has, it becomes beneficial to majority of the sites
with multiple, large databases (i.e. product catalogs, etc); high traffic; multiple sites; sites with dynamic content; growing site; etc...but not enough of above for a dedicated server.

And not only that it is also a perfect middle ground between a shared platform and a dedicated server.

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