I often see the Linux OS from the net book users, according to them it is much user friendly than Windows. I wonder what reason would make a user choose Linux rather than Windows. So I would share things that I learned during the Red Hat Linux press conference. And during the conference I also learned from my friend Mark Vincent Nunez that PCOS machine used during the election uses a Linux OS.

Red Hat Linux is an open source OS meaning it’s free unless you upgrade additional applications. I haven’t tried using Linux yet but as far as I know it is a better alternative of Windows.

Josep Garcia, Red Hat and UR Solutions director of Channel Sales in Asia Pacific and Japan said “Open source products are good alternative” because it does not force a user to purchase the product but only if he believes that he really needs it. It is a good alternative because it figures what the user needs and provides it on an optional basis.
while Patrick Reidenbach, general manager for UR Solutions said that “Open Source maximizes I.T.”

Here are some reasons he added why open source maximizes I.T.:
*Open standards means no vendor lock-in meaning you don’t pay for the software and the license.
*Democratic development process: Software was designed for the needs of the community and you are allowed to modify..
*You pay for the service and support not for the open source.

Fritz Roma, business development manager for UR Solutions shared about the good things behind the Red Hat Linux OS. He shared that Red Hat is a catalyst of the community to deliver software.

Here are some of his points;
* Collaborate not compete; They don’t claim to be the Windows competitor but as another OS provider * They Focus on the customer not on the technology; They ask what the customer needs.
* They talk about the solution and value not simply the price
* Enhance the customer -vendor relationship not take it away.

He also said that they Red Hat is after the OS who would work best to the user. Just like today Independence day, Red Hat gives user it’s freedom to choose. In some point they are reasonable, it is a great idea to have another option which also provide same excellent products and services.

So what is UR Solutions and what does it provide?

UR Solutions is a System Integrator with expertise in providing solution packages for Server Operating Environments that run on Red Hat Technology.
UR Solutions provides critical services such as Consultancy, Implementation, Project Management and Training that enables its customers to maximize the Red Hat technology within their data centers.
UR Solutions also provides IT Infrastructure and Collaboration Solutions that enable clients to achieve their business objectives.
One of the good things about Red Hat Linux OS is even if you are not that technical, it will be easier for you to use because they are not after the technology but to the customer. And besides they provide an academy wherein you can learn everything about the Linux OS.

UR Solutions has established customer relations in banks, pharmaceutical companies for Linux. These are some of their clients who are among the big companies in the country;

Some of the URSI Linux business partners are SM, PSE, Allied Bank, PRU LIFE UK and ACS.

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