Fitness First calls on outstanding fitness stories for New You Achievement Awards 2010

Now on its second year, Fitness First celebrates successful fitness achievements.
June 2, 2010 – For nine years, Fitness First has promised real results for all its members, with the mission to change lives through fitness. Year after year, Fitness First continually develops innovative fitness programs to help people achieve their fitness goals. With specialized offerings that include personal training, high-impact and high-energy Group Exercise classes, and world-class facilities, Fitness First provides an array of solutions to getting closer to the aspired ideal goal, weight and figure.

As the premier fitness chain that guarantees members successful weight loss, Fitness First celebrates the success of its members who have transformed their lives and achieved their fitness goals with the New You Achievement Awards (NYAA).

Now on its second year in the Philippines, the NYAA is not limited to celebrating significant weight loss but, more than that, recognizes improvement of health and lifestyle through fitness. Its five categories are: Health, Shape, Sport, Strength and Staff.

“As a fitness club, we exist primarily to help people achieve their fitness goals. A testament of our success is the New You Achievement Awards where we celebrate members who have been able to transform their lives through fitness,” said Mark Ellis, Fitness First Country Manager. “We are very proud to be able to be part of their achievement. Their success is ours too and this will remain to be a motivation for us to continually develop and offer innovative programs and world class equipment as we move forward with our mission of making the world a fitter place.”

The Health category celebrates the success stories of members who used the club for the improvement of their health, such as fitness becoming a part of one’s program in managing diabetes. Shape, the most popular category, acknowledges the significant transformation through physical weight loss as a result of regular workouts and exercises offered by the club. Sport refers to the efforts of members to hone athletic skills through the clubs’ fitness programs. Strength spotlights members who have used the gym to strengthen either their entire body for stamina or a particular body part which required building up. Lastly, Staff honors Fitness First employees who have also achieved an outstanding fitness goal.

The New You Achievement Awards is an inspirational event that places people’s shared journey to health and wellness on a pedestal, with Fitness First as a companion.

There will be one winner per category. The winners per category will be awarded exciting prizes. Of those five finalists, one will be hailed the overall winner. The Personal trainers of each winner will also be rewarded for their efforts and support throughout this journey to health and wellness.

Entries are open to all members of any Fitness First Club starting March 1, 2010. Entry forms can be claimed at any Fitness First branch or downloaded from the Fitness First Philippines Facebook Page.


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