Carl Valenzona's dream destination is the Boracay Island, it is a great place that promotes Filipino culture and traditioon. This is an island which is considered a great work of Art that is why tourists from around the globe would love to visit here over and over again. Carl's wish was granted, when all he did is just buy KFC Krushers and had his photo taken with his fruity yoghurt Strawberry Lush. Just like Carl Valenzona , your dream destination can also be granted when you buy kfc krushers.


Where do you want to go? In a survey of 300 young people, aged 17 to 24 years old, the top three dream destinations include the water world of Venice in Italy, the picturesque cliffs of Santorini in Greece, and the glitter and romance of Paris in France. KFC Krushers gives you a chance to go anywhere in the world through the Sweet Escape Photo Contest.

All you need is a cup of KFC Krushers and a good eye to feed your wanderlust. Say you want to visit the Parthenon in Greece. You don’t have to go far. Scour the Philippines for stately columns (The Manila Post Office will do), frame your barkada against the shot, hold on to your Krushers cup, and press click. Send your photo to  "http://www.krusherszone.com", where all Sweet Escape snapshots will be judged based on votes and creativity.

If you are chosen, KFC Krushers will award you with an all-expense paid getaway to the country you chose to recreate. Other photo suggestions include the Manila Zoo as an African Safari in Tanzania, the EDSA Shrine as Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and Little Tokyo in Makati as the Harajuku District of Japan. You can send as many entries as you like!

KFC Krushers, a premium line of indulgent beverages, let’s you sip into the zone, in this case, your chill vacation. Offering a refreshing revolution in taste and texture, KFC Krushers is a frozen dairy drink that’s loaded with real bits. What’s it like? It’s smooth and sweet, creamy and chewy, all at the same time. Full of unexpected bits like fruit, cookies, waffle cones, and more, KFC Krushers is an adventure in flavor!

Choose your cup: The fruity yoghurt line comes in Strawberry Lush, Mango Mania, and Berry Banana flavors, while classic favorites come in Kookies ‘N’ Kream, Mocha Krunch, and Rockin’ Road variants. These are available at a dedicated Krushers counter inside KFC stores, allowing you to sip into the zone while having your favorite chicken meals.

In the midst of the daily grind, take a mini-vacation with every sip of KFC Krushers. Better yet, use it as your passport to a dream getaway via the Sweet Escape Photo Contest! Find your chill zone and start clicking.

The Sweet Escape Photo Contest by KFC Krushers runs until July 31, 2010. For the full mechanics of the Sweet Escape Photo Contest, visit www.krusherszone.com.

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