One of the greatest phenomenon and our wish at the same time is to see angels.

Last June 12 & 13, Angels were sighted roaming around Bonifacio High Street and at the Eastwood City. People became curious. Questions where asked.

What can they be doing here – are they in search for something heavenly on earth?

Do they have a message for us – are they carrying a message from heaven or something heavenly is about to arrive here on earth?

Heaven just came down on earth – is Heaven's beauty brought down on earth or do they have a mission here on earth about something really heavenly?

Male and female angels suddenly were seen walking among mall-goers.
They seemed to be looking for something.
As they sauntered, left behind silver feathers with the messages on it.
Only a lucky few were able to get hold of the silver feathers.

Check out www.facebook.com/heaven.ph to know more about these Heavenly Angels and find out the message they left behind.

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