Figaro Coffee's Summer Frost

Filipinos are known as fruit lovers, especially in this hot summer season. I bet that everyone would crave for fruits like watermelon, grapes, green apple, peach lychee, and even cucumber. Not only because Filipinos are fruit lovers but we are also health conscious. And all of those reasons can be enjoyed in this season as Figaro offers their latest craze - the Summer Frost. Almost everyone experiences the extreme heat, so why don’t you sit and spend time for a while at Figaro together with their season’s summer frost. As the temperature rises, cool down with this summer's most refreshing thirst quenchers for only P125

Figaro Summer Frost 3  Flavors:

Watermelon Grape Breeze

Green Apple Cucumber Whirl

Peach Lychee Sunrise

I am a great fan of fruit drinks that's why I am so overwhelmed when I was given a chance to taste the Figaro Summer Frost 3  Flavors. The colors are attractive and they look very yummy. I agree with my blogger friends that  Watermelon Grape Breeze is the best flavor to choose. It will breeze you up with watermelon combined with grape juice. Watermelon grape breeze is a must to try out. Green Apple Cucumber Whirl is also a nice choice. Health buffs can indulge in green apple cucumber, and because it is a delightful drink with fresh green apple bits, the green apple cucumber whirl will give you real refreshing feeling.

Figaro also got some peaches for you. Peach lychee sunrise tastes really good, in fact it adds subtle flavor that changes the way you would want your fruit drink.

Figaro sees a growing consumer demand for products that are both indulgently delicious and nutritionally functional. Reaching customers’ satisfaction and expectation Figaro provides alternative choices in beverages that are both good tasting and good for their health.

Figaro believes that it is very important for healthy drinks to be an option for consumers. Because consumers often do not get the real story on what they are really putting into their bodies.

What I like in Figaro is  they ensure that consumers are getting the very best when it comes to buying a healthy alternative on an affordable budget.

Figaro also aims to be recognized not only for introducing affordable specialty roasted local coffee varieties and various coffee-related paraphernalia but also healthy drink alternatives such as Figaro Summer Frost.

Grab a Figaro Summer Frost now available until June 22, 2010 only at

P125 each.


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