"The story of the Lopez family is an unending one, as long as there are Lopezes that walk the face of the earth."
"Knowing our roots assures survival amid today’s swift changes. On the conviction that knowing your family roots provides the best defense against being carried away by the winds of change, I studied the history of our family, of the Lopez family."
         - Oscar M. Lopez

Oscar M. Lopez  tells the story of his family and showed his greatest contribution to the Philippines.

The current Chairman and CEO of  The Lopez Group of companies narrates the history of their success in this musical play done at The Meralco Theater last April 23.

Undaunted the Musicale tells the life of  The Lopez Group, how it was founded and how they became an inspiration to us Filipinos. Despite of the crisis and tragedy they encountered, still they were able to stand out and continued the legacy of serving the Filipino people.

The life and history of Lopez family was extraordinary. It promotes Filipino values which is something that everyone can be proud of. Through this stage presentation I realized that the Lopez values are so important, those that keeps us strong , that no matter how hard life is, If you'll be able to strive hard then there is a great reward that awaits.

I am so inspired by the Lopez Values—a pioneering entrepreneurial spirit, business excellence, nationalism, team work, strong work ethic, integrity, social justice, concern for employee welfare, and wellness. This is a great contribution of the Lopezes to the Philippines.

Thus, they were not only committed to do no evil as Google’s stated objective puts it. But they shall
always do business in a manner that will result not just in the long-term mutual benefit of thier businesses, but more importantly of the various publics and communities that they serve.

This play is in celebration of the 80th birthday of Oscar M. Lopez. A message that he wanted to impart to us in order to become strong and  motivated. As he said : “Undaunted,” is the story of how my father
built the Lopez Group and by imparting his undying values to us, his children, made sure that the Group will
live from generation to generation. "

The musical play runs from April 23 - 24, 2010 at the Meralco Theater. If you want to check further details Like the Facebook page of LopezLink

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