To celebrate Earth Day, I will bike for clean air. I will also bike even if it's not Earth Day. I think this is a nice idea when I don't have money anymore, maybe I will just bike to cover events. This will also serve as an exercise.

Tour of the Fireflies is an annual biking event which aims to promote environmental awareness. This years theme "I vote to bike" serves as a reminder for us that we should also pay attention for our Mother Earth. This is a call to stop climate change.

Tiendesitas developer and major benefactor Ortigas  Co. and The Firefly Brigade are pushing for the implementation of provisions within the Clean Air Law. Promoting the use of non-motorized transportation aids in the reduction of carbon emissions and will help make our cities firefly friendly again. Tour of the Fireflies (ToF) goes beyond the formula of the usual bicycle advocacy touring and gives a great twist for onlookers who experienced it for the first time this year.

One of the bikers who participates every year is Tatay Eddie , who works as a Tubero and only uses bike to  reach his clients. He believes in the cause of biking for clean air. One day as he was biking he saw a shooting of Totoy Bato. GMA 's wish ko lang were able to notice his artistic way of decorating his bike, so he was twice featured in Wish Ko Lang. His bike  is surrounded with faucets which more noticeable as an art . His style of art promotes Filipino culture , it shows how creative we are regardless of the field that we do.

photos by Carl Valenzona


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