Among the senatorial candidates Ramon Monmon Mitra was the first that I've ever met. I know him more than others because of his father. I heard from my parents that former Senator Mitra was a good leader to us.

        I would not be basing my thoughts on him according to where he came from but just as how I met him which was last March 18 at club filipino greenhills. It was during the The Ramon Mitra Policy Making Workshop. This event is the first in gathering the ideas of Pinoy bloggers on how the Philippines should be governed in order for all of us to reach our highest potentials as a nation.

         He is not the typical political candidate, he doesn't have long speech which I find something different and I think he has a point on that. He tells us straightway what are his platforms and his future plans in case he wins.

I just learned that he will draw up measures that will empower farmers to help expand and strengthen the country's agri-food exports and augment farmer's incomes.

           He also sees the need for the government to allocate substantial funds for easy and immediate access for the rehabilitation of typhoon-affected provinces particularly the agricultural sector. I am counting my vote on him because I believe that he has the quality of a good leader and besides it is not hard to reach him out. I hope that he will not fail us.

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