"Define your personal limits 6,000++ ft above sea level! The North Face 100 in Baguio-Benguet. Visit: www.thenorthface100.ph".

I learned this from my athlete friend Arvin Ello. He said he's joining this run because this measures strength and stamina of an individual. He was training for this for a long time, like for a couple of months already. He was really preparing for this, I can see his passion when he joined a treadmill run race one time. He was the fastest. No wonder he's gonna conquer this trail run. Like Arvin, you too can define your personal limits by joining the tnf 100 , the1st Trail Running Ultra Marathon series to Baguio-Benguet as it leads us to the burning pace and blazing trails to the coolest place in the Philippines. Mark your calendar this April 24-25 2010. Watch out who will this race.I'm gonna cheer for my friend.

The North Face 100 brings Asia's 1st Trail Running Ultra Marathon series to Baguio-Benguet. This is their third year already.

The North Face 100 continues to test the endurance of elite athletes and challenge aspiring individuals to define their personal limits in the gnarly paths, knife ridges, and treacherous mountain trails amidst the cool breeze and pine scent of the Philippines' summer capital.

Like my friend Arvin Ello, those who are craving for the active lifestyle will find everything they wish for and more especially the experienced trail runners, mountain climbers, outdoor enthusiasts and athlete bloggers.

The North Face100 traverses unexplored trailsof Camp John Hay, the PMA grounds, Mt.Sto.Tomas and Tuba with a fitting finish in the iconic Burnham Park.

Get in gear be it for the 11K, 22k,50K or 100K solo races as The North Face 100 guarantees to be the longest, most thrilling test of your endurance.

This is a marked course. Total Elevation gain: TBA. Highest point: 2,062 masl.

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