This April, it's UNO Magazine's most special offering yet, as the editors pulled the best of the best writers, artists and psychos into one huddle, giving you its first fantastic Fiction issue!
It's stranger than truth, as literary genius and this month's UNO guest editor, Sarge Lacuesta tells the vibrant story of Cover girl Mary-Ann Illustre, while award-winning author Yvette Tan takes you inside the blessed life of Megan in this issue's Bombshell. Also on Red Alert, the lost Pinoy rock goddess of the late-80s Kay Ventura, as penned by our very own celebrated writer Luis Katigbak.

        All these, plus brilliant pieces made by Philippines' most acclaimed wordsmiths: Gemino Abad, Krip Yuson, Juaniyo Arcellana, Jose Dalisay, Mookie Katigbak-Lacuesta and Charlene Sawit, as well as riveting images from today's best Filipino artists, led by power couple
Arnold and Cynthia Arre, Christina Dy, Lala Gallardo-Samson, Bea Camacho and many more.
So read between the lies and grab a copy of UNO! Out on shelves today.
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