Last Tuesday April 13 we were invited to experience LazerXtreme the first Multi Level Laser Tag Arena in the Philippines. It is an interesting game for bloggers like us because like the community it involves interaction with your team mates and opponents. The fun begins when we started to play this new kind of interactive play. The game is a modern adaptation of all-time favourite games of “tag” and “hide-and-seek”. With the use of Laser Guns you have to hit your opponent at the same time protecting yourself from being hit or tagged. Along the game there are certain rules like no running, no climbing and crawling. So just do your best and aim for a high score because at the end all players will be ranked according to your score.

There are to types of game you can play.

1. Free for All

The Objective of the game is to tag as many opponents as possible to accrue the most points of anyone playing in the game.

2. Team Play

Players will be divided into teams. The Objective of the game is to tag as many target zones and opponents as possible to acquire the most points of anyone playing in the game. Players can tag only players who are on the opposing teams. The team colors are determined by the colors of the vest in the vesting room at game start.

To know more about the rule of the game read here.

We played both types and I can say that It was really fun cool experience. It involves energy and strategy. You can't just go play but you also have to think of strategic techniques as well. This is enjoying specially when your opponents moves fast and you are eager to tag as much as you can. You can really feel a different power here and you are like in a different dimension when you're playing.exciting fantasy game, allowing players to be the sci-fi hero who they had always wanted to be, in a safe environment. Well it was a very exciting fantasy game, It made us feel to be the sci-fi hero who we had always wanted to be, in their safe environment.

LazerXtreme is located at :

4th Level Market Market

Fort Bonifacio Global City


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