The Philippine food industry is one of the lynch-pins of the country’s economy. It accounts for 40% of the country’s GDP and a significant export revenue generator forecast to reach $4 billion in 2010. Food, except beverages, was the leading industry group in terms of number of establishments and employed the most number of workers with 144,436 or 15.3 percent of the total, according to the latest survey by the NSO.

With such a dominant role, the holding of the first Fi Asia Philippines in 2011 is expected to open even more opportunities for food business and is expected to contribute to higher employment.

Food ingredients suppliers exhibiting at Fi Asia Philippines can also look into this exhibition in fulfilling their production and marketing goals.

The Philippine food and ingredients sector for the first time will become the focus of a three-day business exhibition with the holding of Fi Asia Philippines in May 2011, an event that is expected to draw into the country international a regional buyers, as well as exhibitors.

According to Michiel Kruse, the managing director of UBM Asia "Growth in ingredients consumption in the Philippines has risen remarkably from 2.8m tonnes in 2005 to 3.8m in 2009 , representing 30% growth in volume. However , the story does not end there; growing affluence, changes in taste plus awareness of nutritional issues means that the consumption of high-value additives has increased massively".

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