The latest buzz is a lot of people are watching out for paparazzi on TV 5 because there are exciting and revealing rumors, gossips and blind items. Not only that but the hosts as well are doing great job. And now there is a reason for the audience to stay on TV 5 after paparazzi as - “BFGF,” TV5's newest teen-oriented program  airs every Sunday at 4:00PM . Kaya mga Kapatid samahan nyo na ang ating mga bagong kabarkada  sa isang adventure na tiyak ma eenjoy nyo.

TV5 lightens up your Sunday afternoon with the "heartthrob and the yaya fairytale" of the teen-comedy program “BFGF”—the story of a young "probinsyanang yaya" and a rich and handsome brat whose opposite worlds collide to produce a funny, heartwarming, and eye-opening love story starring Alex Gonzaga playing the role of Claring, and Kean Cipriano of Callalily as the rich brat Kean.
The show features the fresh faces of Chris Cayzer, Angelo Patrimonio, Zyrus “Poknat” Desamparado, JR de Guzman, Nico Ibaviosa, Alyanna and Anykka Asistio, Louise delos Reyes, Dianne Medina, and John Manalo, with Tuesday Vargas and Ramon Christopher. BFGF is under the direction of Ms. Joyce Bernal.

Now on its third episode after its launch last April 11, the story picks up where it left off last Sunday after the tension-filled pool party at Kean's house, where Claring was badly humiliated and the rich brat had a fight with his ex-girlfriend Chanel (Dianne Medina). This Sunday, Claring gets to have her first day-off as Kean's yaya--a timely break off each other after what happened previously at the party.
Claring is going out with her fellow housemaids Snow White (Tuesday Vargas) and Nenang to have fun and to buy a new cellphone to reconnect with Claring's textmate, Jackson (Pio). Meanwhile Kean’s date with Chanel has been cancelled because the girl is supposedly sick, so he ends up accompanying his sister Baby G (Alyanna Asistio) in her immersion project. With this, Kean unexpectedly ruins his and Claring's day off each other, as the immersion project turns out to be about "household helps day-off" which, of course, involves Claring and her friends.

Also in this episode, find out how Claring gets an expensive cellphone in connection to Kean finding out something about his ex-girlfriend Chanel that will break his heart.
Watch and enjoy this funny and eye-opening situation of modern life in the city versus the conservative life in the provice as the story unfolds into a genuinely funny and heartwarming love story in BFGF, airing every Sunday at 4:00PM on TV5.

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