Taking the Anti-Cervical Cancer Fight to the Streets.

The mission: to spread the message before the fatal disease claims more women.

The messengers: people who have committed their lives in this three five-day journey – ready to shed sweat and tears to save lives.

In this journey of epic proportions, the heroic bikers who will brave hundreds of miles at this year’s“The Tour of Hope” are passionately focused on a single goal: to champion the cause against cervical cancer, which kills twelve Filipinas everyday.

A project of Bravehearts, a non-government organization whose thrust is widespread cervical cancer awareness, in cooperation with the Cervical Cancer Prevention (CECAP) Network Program, Rockwell Powerplant Mall, David’s Salon, and global pharmaceuticals company GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), this third year of “The Tour of Hope” marks the most challenging tour yet for bikers in pushing the pedal to defeat this vicious disease, as they climb up the steep trail to Baguio from Makati.

Aside from raising more than a million in funds through sponsorships and pledges, the biking tour raises cervical cancer awareness by teaching the towns it comes across about the sickness as well as the importance of protecting one’s self before the cancer strikes. For this year, the biking tour’s theme, “The Tour of Hope 360°: Fighting Cervical Cancer in Full Circle” marks the coverage of the whole Luzon area, from Northern to Southern Luzon by the cycling event.

“In every town we visit, the message we bring to women is clear: through a healthy lifestyle, early screening, and effective cervical cancer vaccination, Filipinas have a fighting chance versus this disease,” says Joyette Jopson, one of the core bikers of “The Tour of Hope”.

To stop the human papilloma virus (HPV) – the cause of cervical cancer – from infecting women, in addition to screeening, an effective and relevant cervical cancer vaccine is necessary.

Fueled by the noble cause of saving lives from cervical cancer, “The Tour of Hope” bikers will find every life saved from the disease the perfect reward for their sacrifice.

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