One of the best things happened to me this February was the chance to see RENT the musical, 9 works theatrical`s version was the first RENT show that I watched. I was able to watch it during the press preview and I can't resist from watching it again. I started to become a RENT fanatic upon seeing this version.This is RENT for the newest generation.The Maven Anton Diaz once said on his review:
For those who are watching it for the first time, it is highly recommended! For those RENT fanatics out there, better watch it during the last RENT shows on Feb. 28 and 29.
           So, I did marked my calendar and watched it again. Every show I had the same feeling, it was like a real place and time and I`m on it. I may not be in New York, but Bohemian Alphabet City was there, alive and kicking. It was the first time I experienced snow in the Philippines, it was magical. The songs are so timely, perfect for February- it is indeed the seasons of love, I fell in love with the story. I keep on clapping everytime they sing. I resist from urinating because I don`t wanna miss a thing. I keep on telling this to my friends on and offline, I told them not to miss this show, so they did watch it as well. The cast really made a great impact on me ;

I don`t know who Gian Magdangal is, I know him as Roger Davis, the rockstar
I don`t know who Fredison Lo is, I know him as Mark Cohen, the filmmaker
I don`t know who OJ Mariano is, I know as Tom Collins, the vagabond
I don't know who Jenny Villegas is, I know her as Joanne Jefferson, the ivy league
I don`t know who Job Bautista is, I know her as Angel Dumott Schunard, the dancer
I don`t know who Nicole Asensio is, I know her as Mimi Márquez, the stipteaser
and I don`t know who Carla Guevara is, I just know she is Maureen Johnson, I did moo with her , she was my favorite character.

     The whole cast was a blast, specially when they get to fall in line and sings under the spotlight.

     I am so thankful to 9 works theatrical team, they highlighted my love life. It was a different kind of happiness felt in an extraordinary time. This is going to be a reason to always smile in this season of love.

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