Even in Farmville and Farmtown we plant coffee. That is why we Filipinos are certified real coffee lovers.
Familiar scenes such as; Grandpa drinking coffee during breakfast, Call center agents having a coffee break , company coffee meeting and a lot more. There is a common factor which binds them together and that is the love for coffee.

          For over 40 years, NESCAFE has been supporting the livelihood of more than 30,000 Filipino coffee farmers through programs and platforms that help improve their yield, livelihood and income for over forty years.

          In 2010, NESCAFE through it`s special limited edition brand NESCAFE CLASSIC First Pick, allows consumers to take part in the initiative through "Adopt-a-Lil-Beanie".

       By keying the word Li`l Beanie Code found on every jar of Nescafe classic first Pick through a website (www.nescafe.com.ph/firstpick), consumers can adopt a virtual coffee seedling known as a "Li`l Beanie" and plant it in a virtual coffee farm. For unique code keyed in, NESCAFE will give an actual coffee seeding to a local farming community on their behalf.

It is simple, yet , special way of giving back to the coffee farmers who have worked hard to produce the delicious and aromatic coffee that consumers savor everyday.

What`s more, the website also allows consumers to:

1. Get to know the farmer who planted and harvested their jar NESCAFE Classic First Pick.

2. Discover more about how NESCAFE is helping improve the livelihood of 30,000 Filipino farmers and their families;

3.Learn more insightful facts about coffee.

NESCAFE Classic First Pick is made from coffee berries handpicked with care by Filipino farmers during the beginning of the harvest season. The beans are roasted to a deep , dark color for a unique and intense cup.

To know more about the program visit www.nescafe.com.ph/firstpick

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