Before the Final press conference of Miss Philippines Earth 2010. The candidates were presented at the Podium to present Project Noel.

The Miss Earth Philippines, originally called Miss Philippines, is a beauty pageant held annually in search of the most beautiful and environmental-friendly woman in the Philippines.Miss Philippines Earth is the largest and most widely participated beauty pageant in the Philippines.

With this year's theme Making Waves on it's 10th year these lovely candidates aims to encourage the people to help and save the environment ! Watch out for their complete line up this coming April 6 at the Manila Ocean Park, Luneta. 53 beauriful and cause oriented candidates will be presented for the first time in the media.

To teach the environmental issues to children and to to teach the value of resource management and instill in each one of us our responsibility towards Mother Earth. Jairus Aquino as Noel, a young boy who’s fond of gathering waste materials, taking pride in finding ways how to recycle them, inspired by his father, played by Jojit Lorenzo, a garbage collector. He is a scholar in a private school and soon engages in a school art project about the environment in a bid to represent the school in a nationwide contest. Along with his wealthy groupmates played by Yong-An Chiu, Mark Joshua Sarayot and Sophia Baars, they embark to create a project that tackles the threats againts the earth. Peachy Veneracion and the titlists of Miss Philippines-Earth 2009 join the cast in unravelling a story of friendship, teamwork and realization of the urgency to act...NOW.

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