Going to the "After the Fact" exhibit at Lopez Museum turned my History subject into reality and advantage. Our class were not able to spend time going to a museum that is why I was so overwhelmed when we went there last Saturday, not with my classmates but with my history maker friends. I think I`m gonna tell my classmates and my professor how really beautiful the works of Jose Rizal and great Filipino artists was. I see this activity as a great learning advantage when studying the History. The Lopez museum is so overwhelming because it promotes Filipino culture and it preserves the tradition our country is famous for. It continues the lifestyle of great Filipino Artists who gave us world recognition as a Filipino nation. So I encourage you to spare time to visit the "After the Fact" exhibit at Lopez Museum. You can also get more information if you buy the book : Unfolding: Half a Century of the Lopez Memorial Museum and Library

       The Lopez Museum and Library  exhibits the collections and works of contemporary artists as they celebrate their 50th anniversary this year. It encourages a looking backward as well as a looking forward to create what was envisioned by the institution`s founder Don Eugenio Lopez Sr. ( founded on February 13 1960 ) as a historical continuity. In an effort to produce this continuity , the museum strives to become more critical and self aware in it`s explorations of such a history , or in it`s explorations of histories , noting it`s discontinuities in an effort to create a wider breadth and more substantive depth. Thus it asks : ''What and how did we do? Then what? "

Here are some of the finest Art works exhibited by the Lopez Museum:

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