UPPC in SCG Paper
Receives Green Choice Seal for its Container Board

United Pulp and Paper Co., Inc. (UPPC) in SCG Paper, the leading manufacturer of high-quality and cost-efficient industrial-grade paper in the country, was awarded the Green Choice Seal by The National Ecolabelling Programme - Green Choice Philippines.

“We are proud that UPPC in SCG Paper has been labeled the most environmentally efficient industrial paper manufacturer in the Philippines by an independent body,” said Montri Mahaplerkpong, UPPC President and CEO, during a recently held forum for business associates entitled, Eco2 2010: a GREEN OUTLOOK on Business and Environment.

He added, “We shifted to 100% utilization of recycled paper a decade ago, installed an advanced effluent treatment plant, and continue to use more bio-mass energy to drive our operations.  Operationally, we build on the inroads we have already achieved in reinventing our manufacturing processes to further reduce our carbon footprint.  The larger challenge still remains to inspire and motivate others to join in the movement.” 

As part of UPPC in SCG Paper’s vision of what it calls a “Green World,” the company ensures that all additives in its production process are free of hazardous substances. Its ISO 9001:2000 attests to the safety and quality of its products while its certification in ISO 14001:2004 affirms the minimal environmental impact of its production process and operations. The Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) has recognized UPPC in SCG Paper for its air emission and water effluent quality. UPPC in SCG Paper is a proven safe workplace with its OHSAS 18001, series of 2007, certifying occupational health and safety.

“We live our ‘Green World’ vision in our day-to-day interaction with our own employees, the communities in which we operate, and our external business partners,” said the UPPC President.
UPPC in SCG Paper’s  Container Board is a biodegradable, three-ply paper, properly manufactured to fit customer requirements. It comes from 150 to 200 grammages and is intended to be used as a linerboard in the manufacturing of corrugated boxboards. It was recognized primarily for its 100 percent utilization of recycled paper and technologically advanced effluent treatment plant.

Prior to receiving the Green Choice Seal, the Container Board underwent an extensive two-month environmental assessment. To date, only 15 Philippine-made products have been certified as environmentally safe by the Green Choice Program.
For more information, visit www.uppc.com.ph and http://www.pcepsdi.org.ph/.

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