The Road Safety Program is part of a global effort by Ford Motor Company to reinforce its commitment to make our country’s roads safer for both motorists and pedestrians through a series of events and road safety initiatives aimed at reducing accidents, death and injuries caused by road traffic collisions.
                         Ford’s Road Safety Program began when it pledged its support to the WHO’s World Health Day Celebration devoted to Road Safety. In the Philippines, it was launched in April 2004 via the unveiling of its Road Safety Billboard along the Balibago/Tagaytay road.

                         In March 15 2005, Ford kicked off its Ford Road Safety Fund, wherein for every Ford and Mazda vehicle sold, P1, 000 is set aside for the Road Safety Fund. This was used for Ford’s Road Safety Campaign.

                        Responsibility In Driver Education, or R.I.D.E., is the advocacy’s primary tool in promoting road safety to the primarily for the youth. The activity involves a one hour session of learning through lecture, video showing and interactive activities all on road safety. With the help of Tuason Racing School (TRS), Society of Philippine Motoring Journalists (SMPJ) and Safety Organization of the Philippines (SOPI) students are briefed on facts, figures and techniques on how to keep both drivers and non-drivers alike safe when using the road. To date, Ford has conducted over 70 R.I.D.E. sessions in 55 schools. About 10,000 persons have attended the RIDE sessions since 2005.
                      After the program was launched in 2004, various awareness activities were done such as postering and stickering in Metro Manila.
                       The Road Safety Interschool Competition is another activity initiated by the members of the Road Safety Youth Council to encourage a more active participation of the youth in advocating road safety. The contest invites participants to form a group of 3-5 students plus a teacher. The group must submit a proposal for a road safety project that they can implement within their school’s community with Ford’s financial assistance. In the two years this competition has ran, 5 school projects have been provided funding by Ford.

                         The Road Safety Youth Council was formed in 2005 that served as the main ambassadors of the program.
They have taken part in several activities such as conferences, teambuilding sessions, defensive driving lessons, general assemblies and a summer camp in 2006 in which we communicated updates on road safety.
Spreading the word on the importance of Road Safety was also extended to Ford customers. Ford stressed the importance of child passenger safety via its Child Safety Seat Program, wherein over 200 child seats have been given to qualified Ford and Mazda customers.

Ford Road Safety Youth Council

             Ford thought of pioneering a group of young people who will be ambassadors of Road Safety that’s why each R.I.D.E session served as an opportunity to invite students to be part of the Road Safety Youth Council (RSYC). They were introduced to the public at the 2005 Ford Day with 15 members but now, we have a membership of almost 2,000 student ambassadors from 56 schools who take part in educating the youth regarding road safety.
             As a member, they have pledged to be full time ambassadors of road safety. Their role is not just restricted when they are in our events but it stretches whenever they are in school, at home or when they are out there in the road.
            We believe in the importance of road safety, not just for the motorists but also for passengers and pedestrians. There is a serious and growing concern on road accidents, which can be preventable. As a responsible corporate citizen, Ford wants to make a difference by doing its share to help bring down the rate of road traffic injuries not just by developing safety technologies for vehicles but rolling out road safety campaigns for drivers and motorists.
               What differentiated Ford’s road safety initiative from other similar programs was their choice of tapping the youth as road safety ambassadors, bearing in mind that driving habits start being ingrained as soon as young people get their hands behind the wheel.
               We had the pre holy week road safety campaign in which we stationed ourselves in Ford dealerships and in Shell station at the SLEX to hand out Road Safety cards and sticker vehicles. The R.I.D.E. sessions are on going tapping schools in Metro Manila and the 3rd Road Safety Interschool Competition will be rolled out in July. We are rolling out the “I don’t drink and drive campaign” as a handle to the Road Safety Program to highlight the importance of responsible drinking and driving to today’s youth. . A youth summit will kick this off which is a coming together of members of Ford’s Road Safety Youth Council with the media, partners and the general public on April 18.
                A Driving Camp is being planned for the RSYC members as well as Ford corporate clients to provide a venue to improve their driving skills. The Driving Camp this year will also integrate concepts from the Driving Skills for Life program of Ford Motor Company such as Eco Driving. Other future activities are yet to be finalized but one thing for sure, the Ford Road Safety Youth Council remains committed in promoting road safety not only to the youth but to the general public as well.
                For the past 4 years, Ford's Road Safety Campaign focused on awareness and educational programs. We have brought road safety facts to our audience and talked about different causes of road traffic accidents, trained them on defensive driving skills, shared tips on vehicle maintenance. On the overall we have delivered the message of how to be responsible motorists on the road. This year, we wanted to zoom into a specific known cause of road traffic accidents that is very common to the youth, so, the I Don't Drink and Drive.

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