Dave Nuku is the Blue Team trainer for The Biggest Loser Asia, designer of the Lose Big Programme (a 13-week exercise and nutrition weight loss programme) and the Regional Fitness Manager for Fitness First Asia.

Dave works directly with over 1,400 Personal Trainers and Fitness Managers throughout the Asia region in the Philippines, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. Prior to his current position, he worked as a personal trainer in his native home town Wellington in New Zealand training the cast and crew of the Lord of The Rings trilogy.

Raised in Wellington, Dave now lives in Kuala Lumpur with his wife and daughter. As an avid fitness enthusiast competing regularly in local and international running events, completing both the Singapore and Hong Kong marathons. Feeling at home in any gym, he is a firm believer in adopting strength, power, agility and quickness training techniques to build a functional physique that can withstand all of lifes challenges.

In late 2006 he joined forces with international training organisations, Personal Traning on the Net, ACE (American Council on Exercise) and Premiere the UK’s leading fitness certifcation company to bring cutting edge fitness certifcation to fitness professionals in Asia consequently lifting the standard and status of personal training throughout the industry. Dave also wrote and developed the Fitness First BODYFIRST® books which contains Bodyguide, Bodyfuel and Bodyjournal, which helps to provide information about exercises, healthy recipes and the ability to record and track one’s progress.

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