The Giving Cup

  Everyone has a cause they cherish--the environment, kids, animals, the list goes on. And this Christmas, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is allowing you to celebrate Christmas and give back to the community with the launch of their holiday program: Give in to Giving: 24 Cups with The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

  Following the season's spirit of giving, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has earmarked a portion of beverage sales for 24 community advocacies, each with its own unique approach and all of which have come onboard for this holiday program. With the various calamities that have befallen the country in recent months, it is important that we come together and help each other out in our own little way. Your initial contribution may seem like a drop in the bucket now, but in time, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf assures its customers that the percentage from every cup sold will be going back to a community in need –so every drop in the bucket is precious and appreciated. And it is everyone’s hope that in time, that bucket will overflow with the generosity of CBTL patrons like yourself who surely have a cause they are passionate about.

  The advocacy fair sponsored by The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf hopes to bring these various groups or beneficiaries to the attention the public and key stakeholders, letting them know that each purchase can help empower someone to do good for fellow Filipinos. Information about Give in to Giving: 24 Cups with The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf can also be found online at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Facebook page detailing specific branches of The Bean where you can be part of the program. Everyone who gives in to giving will be given a Christmas treat as a way for The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf to thank you for your generosity and donation certificates are also available for purchase.

  It’s time to give a warmer and more soulful meaning to sharing this season--toast to your blessings as your giving cup of coffee or tea eases away your worries and contributes to rebuilding someone’s home.

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