It was supposed to be a fitting end to a busy day, a couple of beers with a friend, at the sidewalk shooting the breeze, looking at the babes passing by. Like any conversation between two hot-blood guys, it all boiled down to the two most favorite toys among us guys: girls and cars.

My friend, who is an environmentalist, have always been bitching for the longest time now, about how this country never had an electric car. He started talking about the Honda FCX Clarity, and how he’d love to get his hands on one. I’m more the big car guy myself, and has a distinct preference for the likes of the Honda Pilot. So between us, we had a good debate going, punctuated by periods of silence when some nice pair of legs flash by…

He had to admit, though, after a strong campaign on my part, that the car manufacturers have done some good numbers lately. Take a look at the Saturn Aura, for instance, or that classic Toyota Corolla that got an upgrade in the looks dept.

We ended up with several bottles on the sidewalk, an unfinished argument on cars, and women, and just called it a night. I don’t know about him, but after that, I expect my dreams to be all about us men and our nice, nice toys… hehehehe…


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