June 10 at Zenses Neo Shanghai Restaurant,Makati Avenue became a cruelty free night when Playboy Philippines, Peta and Zenses has launched the June issue. For this month`s cover girl is Mia Gray , she bares all to tell everyone how animals suffer in Zoos. It also feautured all sexy vegetarian celebrities such as Pam Anderson, Alicia Mayer,Alicia Silverstone ,Imogen Bailey,Yasmien Kurdi,Isabel Roces,ChinChin Gutierez,Sophie Monk and a lot more.Going vegetarian is the best thing you can do to the animals and environment.

The night was filled with vegetarian dishes and drinks. And it is encouraging to experience eating all meat free food with celebrities,playboy playmates and media friends.A lot of animals were saved and this small step becomes a bigger one in the future.Get your copy of Playboy Philippines June issue and check out for more vegetarian icons.There`s also an article about confessions of being a vegan .Also check out for this month`s playmate Aya Montez.

Press Release from Playboy:

Doing their part for the environment, PLAYBOY Philippines’ June issue goes all out with articles, features and pictorials all devoted to Mother Earth. January 2009’s half-German Playmate MIA GRAY shows her support for PETA as their latest celebrity endorser and PLAYBOY Philippines’ latest cover girl.

Like other PLAYBOY models who have appeared in PETA's racy ads, Gray isn't shy about speaking out for what she believes in. "There's nothing glamorous or sexy about wearing the skins of animals who were beaten, anally or vaginally electrocuted, suffocated, strangled, or skinned alive. From an ethical standpoint, fur is just plain ugly—and so are (the) people who wear it. I'd definitely rather pose naked for PLAYBOY than wear a fur for a so-called fashion magazine."

Philanthropist GINA LOPEZ sits down with Managing Editor Mikhail Lecaros for 20QUESTIONS and shares her thoughts on advocacies, social responsibility and media’s role in shaping the world as we know it. Also in the issue, PLAYBOY takes a look at some of the FILIPINO ECO-WARRIORS doing their bit for nature on conservation’s frontlines while GREENPEACE IN THE NEW MEDIA explores how the international organization has adapted to operate and spread its message in the digital age. PLAYBOY also goes into the head of a PETA activist to see just what it takes to take ones clothes off for a cause, and explores the benefits, practicality and implications of GOING VEGAN.

June’s PLAYMATE OF THE MONTH AYA MONTEZ goes au naturel for a truly memorable pictorial shot on location in beautiful Ilocos, and as a special bonus, the issue includes a special on the many international models and celebrities who have posed for PETA over the years, from YASMIEN KURDI and ALICIA MAYER to IMOGEN BAILEY and SOPHIE MONK. Rounding off the issue is an eye-opening interview with international bestselling author of Fight Club and Choke, Chuck Pahlaniuk.


Go Planet

It’s not uncommon knowledge that the propensity of people to listen is inversely proportionate to the level that someone’s talking down to them. Let’s face it, from overbearing employers to the clumsily delivered morals found in glorified toy commercials (cartoons) nobody likes being preached to. We at Playboy have oft been accused of having our own issues with authority or alternative points of view, but nothing could be farther from the truth: We’re always more than willing to listen, entertain or discuss any and all ideas or opinions that have a modicum of thought behind them, are presented well, and most importantly, neither hurt or take advantage of anyone.

On that note, the idea behind putting the spotlight on conservation this month was made not in haste, but with the intention to avoid the usual litanies on recycling and preservation that can be found just about anywhere else. It is our honor to have the topic covered by those who have made it their lives’ work, those eminently more qualified to speak about it.

Clichéd as it sounds, we’ve only got one Earth. It’s about time we started acting like it.

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