Time flies so fast. After staying tuned to the high-rating Sunday afternoon series, Your Song Presents Underage, for quite some time, it has now reached its final episode this Saturday.

The story of Celina (Melissa Ricks), Cecilia (Empress Schuck), and Corazon (Lauren Young) has become the Sunday habit of many Kapamilya viewers. As it arrives on its final step on air, people just can’t wait on how the ‘tres malditas’ will get through their ‘underage’ life. As the story ends, Corazon learns the truth about Gary (Aj Perez). 

Dong attempts to rape Cecilia this time. On the other hand, Celina did not give Migs (Matt Evans) the attention as Migs tries to win her back. How will Corazon react upon learning that Gary isn’t gay after all? Will Dong be successful in his attempt to rape Cecilia? Will Celina and Migs end up together? Find out as Your Song Presents Underage embarks on its last journey on air this Saturday on ABS-CBN after ASAP’09. 

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