Bloggers + Adventure = Blogventure

The earliest summer outing presented by Yehey.com and Island Cove to Bloggers.

An indeed one of a kind plunge this summer!

March 5, 2009 30+ bloggers went to Island Cove with no idea what things would happen. Arriving at almost 10 am we had breakfast.

Everyone`s getting excited as team leaders were picked and teammates as well

First of its kind, this whole day sun-soaked event challenged the 6 team bloggers. 

Tested their speed and skill as they undertake the DETOUR challenge to overcome thrilling obstacles that await them in each exciting Island Cove destination! From the hustlin’ and bustlin metro, the participants took the alternative route to the Mediterranean-inspired island situated at the historic town of Kawit, Cavite -- a 45 minute escape from the busy streets of Manila

Throughout the years, Island Cove has been a relaxation sanctuary where one can discover Leisure, Intimacy, Fun and Entertainment. It boasts of 96 hotel rooms, 17 cottages with 34 bedrooms, diverse dining restaurants, sports and recreation facilities, and banquet and function rooms. 

 Island Cove has been known to be the pioneer in the tourism industry with respect to the introduction of a myriad of attractions that lure both local and foreign visitors. 

 Included in the blogventurers’ voyage are top attractions such as Oceania Water Park, the Animal Island, and the Adventure Activity Zone

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