first photo is from Arpee Lazaro using his Sony Ericsson W760

Held at the Manila Hotel,Centennial Hall 11 am

Coalition for the Deserving has launched:

Aksyon Demokratiko,

Bigkis Pinoy,

Kilusang Bagong Lipunan,


These are group of political parties who have gotten together and formed the coalition for the deserving.I find that there are a lot of grandstanding.

Never before in our checkered history as anew democracy in Asia have our political parties seriously considered fielding candidates who are truly deserving of the National Leadership Positions they seek.For the most part they were chosen simply on the on the basis of their entertainment skills that included singing,dancing and name acting ,glib talk and good looks.Qualifications for elective leadership was based mainly on "winability"-that is popularity and name recall,where experience ,character and ability for the job were completely irrelevant.

These gave our people in the past no choice but to elect even the most incompetent for as long as he or she was the most popular.


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