The party never stops for everyone!

Because the celebration continues as TV 5 launches it`s fun party event for us!

Save the date January 3 , 2009 And let us Shake , Rattle and Roll.

Step 1: Admission Requirements

1. Students : (elementary, high school, college)

  • Present their valid school ID at the Registration Center and the Entrance gates
  • 1 ID = 1 person
2. TV5 Merchandise Store
  • Items bought from the TV5 merchandise store will have corresponding ticket points
  • Upon purchasing from the TV5 store, visitors will be given their corresponding tickets based on the purchase they have made
  • Please advise point system
  • Tickets must be presented at the Registration Counter and Entrance Gates

3. On Line Promo Winners

  • Winners of the On Line must present their tickets at the Registration counter and the Entrance gates
  • Winners should already be given their tickets prior to the January 3 event. No claiming of tickets at the Caravan site
  • Star City Wrist Pop Holders for January 3 only
  • All holders of Star City wrist pops for January 3 are allowed into the Carnival
  • Wrist pos must be worn on the wrists. Loose wrist pops will not be acknowledged
  • Holders of wrist pops must present their wrist pos at the Registration Counter and at the Entrance Gates

Step 2: Registration Counter

  • All visitors must get a registration slip at the Registration Counters
  • Registration slips must be filled out before proceeding to the Entrance Gates
  • Only filled out Registration slips will be honored at the entrance gates

When you have filled out your registration slip, proceed to Step 3
Step 3: Entrance Gates

  • All visitors must present their registration slip at the Entrance Gates
  • Only filled out Registration slips will be honored at the Entrance Gates
Welcome to the TV5 Shake Mo TV Mo Caravan!

And Also Join their latest promo:

Give Me Five Picture Mechanics

1. Send in your pictures with Number 5 as your background, foreground in the picture. The Number 5 can also be a print in the T-Shirt you're Wearing, an Artwork in the paper you are holding, anything goes. Be Creative!

2. You may email your photos with your name and contact info to promo@tv5.com.ph. You can send as many entries you want.

3. 50 Winners will be chosen and will be featured randomly in the TV5 Website. (www.tv5.com.ph).

4. Winners will receive Special Invitation to the TV5 Live, Shake Mo TV Mo Caravan on January 3 at Star City, Manila.

5. Deadline of submission of entries is on Jan 2, 2008, 12:00PM

6. Winners will be notified via e-mail. Keep on visiting www.TV5.com.ph for more updates regarding this exciting project!


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