Newly-single, Karylle shows no sign of being down and out. She changed a lot, from switching stations, to managers, and to taking her career to new heights. With a new show, Maruja, a weekly series in her new home station, ABS-CBN, to start taping anytime soon and a new album under works with EMI Philippines record label to be released sometime next year, the new Kapamilya star is psyched to join other singer-hosts in ASAP ’08 starting December 14! So fans have something to look forward to before the Christmas season gets here.

“It’s always been a dream of mine to be a Bench endorser.” Gushed the singer and the dream has become a reality one faithful day when her new manager, Carlo Orosa, meets with Bench’s CEO Mr. Ben Chan and called for her to sign a contract on the spot. “I’ve been a Bench shopper and a huge fan of their basic tank tops which I have for several years, and I can vouch for their superior quality. My fave underwear from way before is the denim colored panties, which I also gave away as gifts to my girlfriends one Christmas.”

Doing the pictorial turned out to be a breeze for the new underwear model. “Noel [Manapat] was one of the first stylists I’ve worked with, and he gave me his assurance before we did the shoot. I definitely liked the MOBO stuff, hands down, of all that I got to wear. It’s colorful, young and very now! In fact, I’ve been bugging Noel about the MOBO line for women since I first saw it during the Bench Blackout show in Araneta.” Karylle even shares a picture taken during the show with the designer, Lesley Mobo, himself. “I became an instant fan and when I learned that he [Lesley Mobo] is known worldwide, it made me proud to be wearing some of his stuff in the ads because he’s one Pinoy we should all be proud of.

Becoming an underwear model for the first time, Karylle looked like a pro changing in and out of Bench Body’s holiday collection. Donning a black mesh bra partnered with Herbench’s red skinny jeans in one, Mobo for Bench’s abstract designed bra and Herbench’s dark denim jeans in another, she certainly looked at ease with her body. “I just finished running a 5k Unicef marathon at The Fort two days before the pictorial, and when I saw the shots from Ronnie [Salvacion’s] camera, the one against the red wall, I was so happy cause you could see the cuts in my tummy, and that’s definitely not photoshopped. I never thought I had those so I promise myself to join more marathons in the future.”

With more free time on her hands these days, Karylle didn’t let her single life pass her by. “I have grown a lot over the past few weeks. I’ve been open to learning a lot of things and getting help from other people. With life, I’ve learned to be more adventurous. I think there’s something a woman gives off when they become single… when I was newly single, I went to the mall and guys were giving me extra looks. I was wondering what changed, but I guess they just know. It’s really a choice… and I chose it over sulking at home in my pajamas eating ice cream. There’s lot of ways to be sexy… your girlfriends will all tell you how beautiful you are and I’m lucky that I have my girls to cheer me up when I’m feeling down… you can go shopping and buy new stuff that’ll make you look sexy… you can go jogging to release your stress.” And her sexiness does show.

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