Even before “Dayo sa Mundo ng Elementalia” hits the cinemas on December 25, it has already registered a lot of firsts for the Philippine movie industry. “Dayo” has been brave in meeting heads on with films under proven box office formulas. But not only it is brave, it proves to be daring as it introduces another first in filmmaking, that of releasing its musical score recorded in full orchestra. “Dayo” is poised not only as a feast to the eyes but will seek to establish a deeper connection with the audience through its music.

Jessie Lasaten, multi-awarded film music composer and executive producer of “Dayo,” weaves magic this time complementing the digital animated film with an ensemble of an all-Filipino musical talent and the use of indigenous instruments. Providing for a multi-sensorial treat to audiences of all ages, “Dayo’s” soundtrack highlights the rendition of world-renowned performer Lea Salonga of the movie’s theme song, “Lipad.” Her version of “Lipad” and the whole film score were recorded together with the FILharmoniKA under the baton of Gerard Salonga.

It will be recalled that Lea had already lent her singing voice to Mulan and Princess Jasmine, both from Disney’s animated films. Lea’s track will accompany the first flight of Bubuy and Anna manananggirl. “Lipad is a song about believing in dreams and making them come true,” explains Jessie who collaborated with Temi Abad, Jr. in

writing the lyrics. “Kaya mong lumipad,” is a line from the movie’s theme song. It speaks of an aspiration to soar and at the same time, talks about the readiness to reach new heights.

Aside from Lea’s inspirational version, upcoming band Roots of Nature sang an upbeat version of “Lipad.” This is currently released on the airwaves under the Sony BMG label.

Several notable artists also rendered their artistry for the completion of “Dayo’s” sound. Among them was Moymoy Palaboy singing "Kapit," a song about friendship. New band Juan Lunar performed "Daybreak," a song about being there for someone when they need you most.

“We have music that combines full orchestral instrumentation with the ethnic instruments of Joey Ayala. I've composed new themes for the major characters. In terms of scoring the scenes, I've combined orchestral score with Filipino ethnic instruments especially when Bubuy enters Elementalia. We asked Joey to sing the Elementalia Dayo song as well as have him perform his "hegalong " a two-string lute instrument. He also played kubing (jaw harp), kulintang (ethnic gong), and nose flute which added texture to the score in the Elementalia scenes,” narrates Jessie about the extent of his team’s efforts in coming up with the movie’s full soundtrack. This multi-faceted musical scoring will guarantee to carry the viewers from one scene to the next, bridging animation and real life.

Despite Jessie’s proven track record in garnering awards, he has something else in mind when it comes to “Dayo’s” music. “I'd choose Dayo to be commercially popular. I guess instrumental albums, much less an original score for a movie are rarely released nowadays. I would want the public to know that we can still come up with original instrumental music for orchestra,” stresses Jessie on the direction he’d want to head in.

“Dayo’s” original soundtrack recording is in stores now. It is released through Sony BMG.

For more details about the movie, log on to www.dayomovie.com.

“Dayo sa Mundo ng Elementalia,” an official entry to the 2008 Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF), is co-presented by Frootees, Purefoods Tender Juicy Hotdog and Mister Donut. The film is also supported by Ascorbic Acid Ceelin, Crispy Fry Breading Mix, Enervon Bright Brand, Timezone, FUJI YKL, Inquirer.net, Yehey.com, ClicktheCity.com, Animation Council of the Philippines, Toon Boom, Wacom, Woodpecker Studio, iAcademy and New Media.

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