Dayo... Sa mundo ng Elementalia is the first Filipino digital animated film. Cutting Edge Productions,is the local animators behind "Dayo" Temi Abad, Jr. and Eric Cabahug were the scriptwriters

And this is an official entry to 2008 Metro Manila Film Festival

competing with 7 other films which will be all showing on December 25,Christmas day.

They had their press launch last December 11 2008 @ Ratsky Tomas Morato. Around 12NN, we all had lunch with them First the full Cinema Trailer was presented followed by a song number from Moymoy Palaboy and his band,"Kapit," a song about friendship which is included as original soundtrack of the movie. Then actors behind the voices of Dayo were presented composed of Director Peque Gallaga as Lolo Nano,Katrina "Hopia" Legaspi as Anna the mananangirl,Nash Aguas as Bubuy,Nova Villa as Lola Nita and Pocholo Gonzales as Toti together with scriptwriters Temi Abad and Eric Cabahug.They even gave us a sample of their famous lines like Anna`s "wag kang matakot , di kita kakainin, vegetarian kaya ako noh!" and Funny line from Pocholo`s " Wag nyo silang tatantanan",mimic from Mike Enriquez. When they were all done question and answer portion was started. There was also an OST song number from Anna and Roots of Nature. So upon enjoying the program everyone around started to have their own agenda,like doing interviews,eating again,photo oppurtunity,escaping already,getting the overflowing freebies from the sponsors.while We had the chance to meet and greet the famous youtube icon Moymoy Palaboy and RoadFil,these guys are normal funny. They keep us laughing. This is really a must see movie,sometimes Elemental inspired film like this relates to our imagination. Kudos to Cutting Edge Productions.more picture here: http://veggiecircle.multiply.com/photos/album/302/Dayo_..._sa_mundo_ng_Elementalia_press_launch

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