Wendy’s Launch Greatest Burger in Town : The Baconator

Wendys Philippines formally launched greatest burger ever, the Baconator with a CONQUER THE BACONATOR Eating Contest. Wenphil President, Yvette Pardo Orbeta dared the all the participates to Conquer the Baconator. Dare to face the challenge! Baconator is a new-ish sandwich from the Wendy’s fast food chain. It’s two 1/4 pound beef patties, each topped with a slice of cheese . Before being slathered with ketchup and mayo, this thing is topped with SIX slices of bacon. That’s one for every finger on your left hand, plus one.

For the uninitiated, Wendy’s operations manager Walter Mariner will unveil what’s making this the hottest item in town…and it’s not just a buzz…it’s for real! The biggest hamburger in the world is now here.

The Baconator boasts of its “six strips of bacon piled atop two ¼ lb. fresh, never-frozen beef patties,” and while Wendy’s delivers the beef, the Baconator is conceptually intriguing. It’s a pretty dense burger touted to be “the greatest burger” by the company. For its taste, the smokiness from the bacon complimented well with the juicy ground beef and the two slices of cheese. The ketchup and mayonnaise added a nice creamy tomato flavor to it. All together, it created a simple, classic taste like something you would’ve gotten from a fast-food restaurant.

So if you’re looking for something different…this is definitely it – Wendy’s Baconator!

SIZE DOES MATTER,ALRIGHT! DECEMBER 10 10 AM @ WENDYS PARKSQUARE, the store was closed to public to give way to the BACONATOR Press launch. The program was hosted by Tepz a burger lover himself and it was Spearheaded by Walter from Wendys Philippines,who formally presented the Baconator to the press.

Baconator – that burger that has literally taken the world by storm will test friends from media and guests during the Baconator Challenge to whoever can finish first the Baconator-eating challenge. There will be 3 contestants per challenge – Lightweight, Women and Heavyweight – each will be given a Baconator and a Biggie Coke Zero drink. Contestants will only be given a minute or less to consume the Baconator. The first one to consume emerges as the winner. In case no one dared to finish the whole Baconator, the one who ate it the most will win. A special prize awaits the lucky winner!

THE RESULTS: LIGHTWEIGHT : BONI CAILING 2:12 WOMEN: SHARON ANTIQUERA 2:09 HEAVYWEIGHT: ARGIE SAMSON 1:32 Dare to face the challenge! Baconator, a new-ish hamburger from Wendy’s Baconator lover Dylan during the game.Dylan is the rockin' chick dj of NU 107 and the host of The PEEP show.catch her on Saturday nights at Jack TV.and check her : http://dylan.jacktv.com.ph The event was really fun party,Everyone from Wendy`s were so cool like Ms. Elizabeth Pardo-Orbeta (President). and thanks to the friendly people from ASPAC /LAW ,nice meeting Rey Leuterio,Ria Tangco,Pao Soliven,you guys really rock! ASPAC /LAW 817-0808 fax(632)817-5070 W16 La Fuerza , 2241 Chino Roces Avenue, Makati www.aspac-law.com cool pictures: http://veggiecircle.multiply.com/photos/album/299/SIZE_DOES_MATTER

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